Wooden Carpet by Elisa Strozyk

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"The carpet is made from wood veneer offcuts bonded to a textile backing. Elisa Strozyk, a design student at Central Saint Martins in London, who is originally from Germany, started playing with offcuts of veneer from a wood shop that was closing down at her school and wanted to see if she make wood move in fluid new ways.
She hand and laser cuts the veneer pieces and bonds them onto fabric, making the wood flexible. Her “wooden textiles” project for her MA is a mind-bending cross between parquet and carpet, which creates an absolutely stunning end result.
The project “wooden textiles” intends to look at the material wood in a new way. Geometric wooden pieces compose a flexible surface which can perform in different three-dimensional shapes. The material ranges between hard and soft, parquet and carpet, blurring relationships between furniture and textiles."

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