gitta gschwendtner: bag stools

"london based designer gitta gschwendtner created these concrete and wood fibre stools using the classic paper bag as a mould. the bag stools were commissioned by the design museum london and time out, who asked gschwendtner to investigate the theme of consume as it pertains to design and the city. gschwendtner create the bag stools which she casts from a mixture of concrete and wood fibres. the wood fibres help make the stool lighter and more environmentally friendly. the chair’s encourage the visitor to sit and  consume the view of london rather than the materialist consumption associated with the shopping bag. the stools were exhibited in the design museum tank and placed on the surrounding boardwalk.

this stools departed from the same idea and has the same shape as the june 2007 'teo stool', winning entry of the designboom / de padova design competition 'vico magistretti award'. 'teo' stool won the second prize. 'teo stool' was designed by luciana gonzales franco and cristian mohaded from argentina. in the exhibition, introduced by paola antonelli (design curator at MoMA, new york) various prototypes, made in paper, cardboard, felt, leather,...were on show. 

gschwendtner's stools are made in concrete and are on show at milan design week."

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