Future Systems

" 'Look at the igloo or the nomadic tent. There is nothing to say that every house has to have eight corners.' For Future Systems, the advantage of a more organic geometry is the freedom that it brings: It allows you to introduce height in the right places. You don't need a seven metre overall height, when you can go up or down where it's needed; it means more drama, but also more functionality. It's possible to start to experiment with floor levels, perhaps with semi-curved floors; you don't have to have a wall - maybe it disappears altogether. It is a theory, but things are moving in that direction."

"I don't like to use 'flexibility' - it's misused, it's degraded as a word. What we want is flexibility to be spontaneous, we don't want it to be mechanical."

Deyan Sudjic on Future Systems
Extracted from: SUDJIC, D: 2006, Future Systems, Phaidon Press, London.

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