differentiated material organizations and performative environments

"Neri Oxman is an architect and researcher currently based at MIT where she is a Presidential Fellow working towards her PhD in Design and Computation. She is a graduate of the AA School of Architecture and previously a medical scholar at the Hebrew University and the Technion Institute of Technology. Her work has recently been displayed at MoMA, now part of its collection. Current work is on display at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Seville and the 2008 Beijing Biennial. She has won multiple awards including the Earth Award for Future Crucial Design, HOLCIM Next Generation Award for Sustainable Construction, a Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award, the AICF Award of Excellence, and others. Oxman has given numerous workshops and public lectures at MIT, Harvard, Cornell, Georgia-Tech, UC Berkeley, AIA NY, SOM, KPF, amongst other academic and professional institutions around the world. She has published widely and continues to engage in design at the intellectual and productive interface between science, art and design."

via: materialecology

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